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​The Class Association


  • To promote and further the interests of the Class

  • To maintain the one design character of the Class

  • To ensure the efficacy of the rules relating to measurement, construction and racing conditions of the Class

  • To keep members informed of developments concerning the Class

  • To organise championships and encourage racing, cruising and other events for the Class in Britain and abroad

  • To keep an Association Register.

243 full members and associate members as of October 2011.
Normally the owners are the full members and are entitled to vote at the General Meetings or in a postal ballot. Associate members are entitled to attend and speak in any general meeting, but not vote.

Membership Fees:

Full member                            £35 p.a.

Associate member               £15 p.a.


A handbook is available for new members which includes the Class rules and some articles about the boats and the Class.


A newsletter is regularly sent to all members.

Boat tuning
Class measurement rules are strictly enforced for racing, so all boats carry effectively the same equipment, which makes for close and exciting racing. Tuning the rig is more art than science, however the stalwarts of the class are always ready to provide guidance. Call the Class Secretary for an introduction.

Crew Training
Training days for new owners or for new crew are held in the Solent each Spring, at which experienced skippers and crew help to show how to do it all. A list of people wanting to crew on Sigma 33s is kept on the website.

In order to race in Class events, all Sigma 33s must have a valid rating certificate stating that it is rated to Class Rule limits. Certificates are issued annually by the RORC Rating Office in Lymington (tel.01590-677030). Under IRC the 2022 TCF is 0.912.

Radio Licences
International Radio Regulations require that every vessel with a transmitter should have (a) a Ship Radio licence and (b) be operated by a person holding a certificate of competency. Licences are issued by the OFCOM Licensing Centre, PO Box 56373, London SE1 9SZ (020 7981 3000).

The Association is keen to put potential boat buyers in touch with owners who are thinking of selling their boats. Contact the Class Secretary for details, and/or view link below.

Join the Class 

To join the class association, you currently have to fill out a membership application form and a direct debit mandate for £35p.a. Membership forms can be found on the website in Documents or click the link below. You will also have to join/log in to the website to see the forms. 

Then simply scan your filled in documents and email them to the Class Secretary.

If you would like the Class Secretary to send you forms or answer any queries , please fill in the form below.

We hope that we will be able to take membership applications and subscriptions through the website in the future.

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Contact the Class Secretary

If you have any queries about membership, please fill in the form below

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