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Mayrise and Signet leading Bangor Regatta

Day 2 was still breezy - number 2’s and full main and heavy spinnakers at times. We discovered on Mithril (after racing) that our old Sobstad green kite is not our heavy option (just heavy being full of water after the bag got soaked before the hoist). The heavy must be the other 1970’s multicoloured one back at home….

Mayrise still getting bullets fighting with Caesium (First 31.7) and occasionally Jack (J92).

In the Coastal Class 6 - non spinnaker -Kevin Byers and Michael Russell on Signet lead from the Finlays on Starshine with Martin and Vicky Dews on Elandra of Down behind.

Yesterday was a lot calmer and tbh everyone kept ashore till the promised wind filled in from the North East as opposed to first two days westerlies. Full sails with Mithril breaking out their new set of UK Sailmakers from the Cork office (the SIs allowed for change of sails between days).

Elandra of Down had their best day in Class 6 with a bullet and also beating an Oceanis 46 just in the final stretch. Signet still leads overall going into today.

Mithril managed to get in front of Mayrise in both races but inexperience of the rarified airs of the front showed, messing up a tack in Race 5 and then caught at the gate mark in Race 6 from 2 boats either side. The partying on Friday night well into the wee hours might have had something to do with the drop in concentration …

The final day has rumours of triangles and sausages - throwback to old courses - but may suit the J92 Jack with asymmetrical kite. All still to play for.

Thankfully the writer (Mithril) was forced home early with his young daughter wrapped in one of Mayrise’s “grass” skirts - Mayrise were still benefitting from RUYC and then Bangors hospitality till the 2am kick out time.

Photos courtesy of Wavelength Image - more still to come for Day 3.

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