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Mayrise and Signet winners at Bangor Regatta

James Miller and the team on Mayrise wrapped up Bangor Regatta on Sunday winning overall from Aidan Pounder's 31.7 Caesium. It was an unusual regatta for Mayrise racing IRC - they had to fastrack a certificate the Tuesday before the event - but it didn't make them any less competitive with 6 bullets in 8 races.

Mark Mackey and Mithril showed some speed at times with their new UK sails but crew work let Mayrise away - especially on Sunday mornings triangle course where a 30 knot gust made a tight reach impossible for all but the 2 more experienced crews on Mayrise and Endeavour, another 31.7.

Kevin Byers and Michael Russell aboard Signet won Sunday's coastal race ensuring overall victory from Martin and Vicky Dew's Elandra of Down with Starshine finishing 5th overall in Class 6.

See you all in 2026.

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