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Day 1 Bangor Regatta

Some tough racing on Day 1 of Bangor Regatta.

6 Sigma 33s are all racing IRC - Class 3 or Class 6 Coastal. All classes raced a 3.5 hour coastal yesterday that was fairly constant 25 plus knots and peaked at 38.

Mayrise won Class 3 by 30 seconds from a 31.7 - even after a wee broach/chinese gybe. (Only 2nd ever according to James!!). They were brave putting the kite up.

Finished with 2 reefs and a number 2. Some of the Class 6 Sigmas had their working jib or stormsail out. Possibly a good choice! Everyone safe and nothing broken which is main result,

Back to WL for rest of weekend hopefully.

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