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Mayrise winners at Jura Scottish Series

James Miller and his crew on Mayrise shone again at Tarbert last weekend

The Clyde Cruising Club put on a great event, improved this year with the use of the new "smart marks" which allowed the racing across the great depths of Loch Fyne without any direction restriction and also allowed the PRO and race management team to have the courses reset before we managed to get back to the start line on most occasions.

Those used to a comfortable (if not frustrating ) wait between races for their lunch may have been disappointed by the quick turnaround but the regatta flowed quickly and allowed all 11 scheduled races to be completed as quickly as possible each day. Day 2 had four races with the PRO switching to a triangle course for Race 6. Day 3 had 2 inner loop trapezoid courses with tight top reaches for the brave with a WL to finish off. Only a couple of times were there minor difficulties.

Race Officer David Kent IRO and his team managed to set 11 fairly square start lines and possibly the best beats/runs encountered by myself in a Sigma over the last 10 years - certainly at Scottish Series even allowing for the Loch Fyne variables and the tidal streams.

Have a bleak Thursday when we arrived, the sunshine came out for Friday and stayed most of the weekend. The hospitality was fantastic as always with the tent, Corner House and Frigate very busy. The infamous now "Little " Big Vern and the Hooters played on Saturday night to the bouncing throng - the band alone attracting a few extra passing cruising boats to join in the craic.

The final results saw Mayrise winning 8 of the 11 races leaving the other 7 to fight over the couple of race wins left and minor podium places. Donald McLaren and Sigmatic won Race 2, Kirsty Robertson and Leaky Roof won Race 8 while newcomers Mithril from Bangor won the final race followed in by fellow newcomer Bangor boat Elandra of Down.

Photographs can be seen at

Next up is the Class Championships in Falmouth followed by Bangor Regatta late June.

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